Kyocera rugged devices


The Android Team on the Run application is fully compatible with Kyocera devices since version 2.0 running Android version 4.4 including support for the integrated physical PTT button.

Starting with version 2.1, the Team on the Run application integrates the official Kyocera high level API allowing to support the PTT hardware button across all Kyocera branded devices running :

- Android 4.4

- Android 5

- Android 6

 The hardware PTT button allows to control the floor in Push to Talk and Channel sessions in all cases : foreground, background and also with screen disabled.

 The application has been validated specifically on the T Mobile Duraforce XD (referenced E6790TM).

 App has also been tested on the Kyocera Duraforce (referenced E6762) and the Kyocera Torque.


Please note: some Kyocera devices require to specify in the device’s “Settings/Programmable key” menu, that the Team on the Run application will be associated to the programmable button. Some devices might require to specify instead the option “PTT button”.

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