How can I prevent certain users from communicating with other users?


In order to define who can see the communications sent from certain users, please log in to your account on and click on the "Settings" button (you can find it near the logout button).

On the right side of the page you will find a section called "Change Web Administration Mode".

1) From the "Change work mode" drop-down, select "Advanced". 

After the page loads, you will notice a new tab was added in the top menu of the page: "Organization Chart". (The top menu now contains: "Home", "Users', "Organization Chart", "Groups", "Admin").

2) Enter the "Organization Chart" page.

Here you can define departments. Members of a department can only see the communications sent from the members of the departments they are added to.

3) Press on the plus sign next to your Company name.

4) Add the department name

5) Select from the list below the users you wish to add to this department.

A user that has been added to a new department will have this new department set as his secondary one by default. His main department at the moment will continue to be the Company's main department (the one with the Company's name on it). So, at present time this user will see the notifications sent globally on the Company main department and the ones sent on the secondary department he was added to.

The last step to restrict an user to see only the communications between the members of a department, is to 

6)  Go to the "Users" section, click on the user and modify the main department drop-down to reflect the department from which he should receive messages.

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