How to locate your users? (Assigning a dispatch manager)


In order to locate your users first you must be assigned as a Dispatch Manager. The Dispatch Manager may locate any user via their mobile device at any time.


  1. The dispatcher must have webchat activated in the options section to be able to access the dispatch panel.
  2. For dispatchers logging to dispatch panel for the first time, they must register as a new user on the webchat login page.

Please find below the steps for assigning you as a Dispatch Manager:

  • Connect to your Web Company Administration Account by clicking on the following link
  • Once logged in, please go to the "Users" tab and click on your name: your user account information will be displayed on top left of your screen in the "User Details" widget (see the attached screenshot)
  • Click on "Options" and you will see at the bottom right of the widget the Dispatch Manager Status
  • Check the "Assign user as a Dispatch manager"
  • You can define your Dispatch Manager rights over all the company users by selecting the "Company" or over specific users by selecting and defining the Custom user list.
  • Click on "Save" and you are now Dispatch Manager.


Please see below the procedure for assigning users that will be located on your map from your Web Company Administration account:

  • On your Web Company Administration account, from the "User Details" menu available on the right side of each contact, please click on "Options" and you will see on top right the Dispatch Manager Status
  • Click on the drop down list and you may choose between Tracking or Geolocation on Demand
  • If you choose Tracking you authorize the Dispatch Manager to see user’s location on the map in real time.
  • If you choose Geolocation on Demand, you authorize the Dispatch Manager to request user location at a specific time.
  • Click on "Save" and you are now able to see the user location on the map.

To locate your users on a map you must log into your WebChat account by accessing the following link

  • Once connected to your WebChat, you will see the Geolocation map.
  • You may click on a user name from "Contacts" to see his location on the map.
  • The Availability status may be seen at the bottom of the user pin from the map (green color for Available and red color for Busy).
  • You may also click on the user pin from the map and a pop up will be displayed containing useful information along with the Availability Status."
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